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If it is caught by the player in the stands with no interference (such as a fan tipping the ball up), it is an out.

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Q: Is a baseball caught in the stands an out?
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What is the fine for a baseball player throwing a ball he caught into the stands?

In the case of Major League Baseball, there are no fines for players that throw a baseball into the stands after their team on defense has recorded 3 outs.

Who stands on the mound in baseball?

The Pitcher stands on the mound.

Is a ball caught in the stands an out?

no the batter gets a home run and its not a out

What position is OF in baseball?

In baseball, OF stands for outfielder.

What is R in baseball?

In baseball R stands for Runs.

If you caught a baseball bat at the stadium What is going to happen to you?

If you caught a baseball bat, I imagine it'd be just like catching a baseball, you'd get to keep it as a souvenir.

What is a good sentence with the word caught in it?

Johnny not only caught the baseball his friend tossed to him, he also caught the flu.

Is it a home run if ball is caught and the fielder falls into stands?

If he drops it yes

What is the reward for catching the ball in the crowd?

A souvenir -- namely the baseball you caught. In most cases, the only "prize" you earn is the ball that is hit into the stands and you caught. But in cases where the ball has a significance -- like a milestone home run - there is immediate value on the ball. You could sell it or auction it for money.

If a baseball bat goes into the stands in a game who keeps the bat?

The person in the stands does.

What is the record UK rod caught salmon?

Atlantic Salmon Rod Caught UK Record stands at 61lb 0oz or 29.029Kg caught by Miss G W Ballantine in 1922 River Tay Scotland

What does CS stand for in baseball?

Caught Stealing

If a baseball is thrown with a glove does it have to be caught barehanded?


What does cs mean in baseball?

caught stealing

What does the baseball statistic GP mean?

In baseball GP stands for Games Played.

What does INN mean in baseball?

it stands for "Inning"

Where the pitcher stands in baseball?

pitchers mound

What does the OF on the baseball roster stand for?

OF stands for outfield.

What does CS mean in baseball stats?

caught stealing

What does the symbol K stand for?

It stands for a strike out in baseball

What is an R in Fantasy Baseball?

R stands for run.

What does k stand for in a baseball box score?

k stands for strikeout looking K stands for strikeout swinging

What does er stand for in baseball?

er stands for error Nope, "er" stands for earned runs.

Who caught the most no hitters in Major League Baseball?

Jason Varitek caught four no hitters, which is an MLB record for a catcher.

In baseball RHE what does the E stand for?

In baseball, RHE generally stands for Runs, Hits, and Errors.