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all depends on how heavy the person is doing it ie- if your 9 stone that's good but if ya 15 stone its crap

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Q: Is 210 pounds a good bench press weight?
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Is it good to bench press 135 Pounds at 15?

I'm 15 and I max out at 230 bench but it depends on if your on protein and how much your in the weight room

What is the ideal amount of bench-press weight for a 25 year old male?

125% your weight for example if you are 195 pounds 244 pounds is a good number.

I am 5'2 240 pounds and i can bench press 120 pounds is that good?


How much should you bench-press if you weigh 112 pounds?

I'm 13 yrs old and I'm 111 and when i bench press i usually bench 80-110. Jorgie145- A good reference to use is if you can bench you own weight about 10 times. You are considered more "elite" when you can bench twice your body weight or more.

Who much can a 16 year old bench press?

If your in good shape should bench your weight.

How much should you be able to bench press?

you should be at least able to bench your own weight but if you can't then you are pretty weak my bench press is 100 pounds max at a body weight of 96 pounds but keep your self at a pace you can do you dont want to hurt youself. -- Everyones bench press max is different. I weigh 130pounds, my 5 sets of 5 is with 130 pounds and my max is 170pounds. 30-40pounds above your 5 by 5 max is a pretty good guesstimate of your one rep max if you are around my weight. i weigh 139 and can do 190

How much should a 14 year old 130 pound boy bench press?

somewhere between 1 and 2 times your weight 1 time your weight average fitness 2 times your weight very impressive fitness This is wrong. If you bench your weight, that's really good. I'm 15 and I weight 150 pounds and I'm 5'9". I bench 165 and this is considered very good for my age and weight.

Im 135 pounds and bench press 280 pounds and sqaut 475 pounds. Is this good?

Pending on your form, then yes that is quite remarkable.

How much weight can you bench press im male 13 5 foot 4?

It mostly depends in your weight, a really good bench for any age is your own body weight.

If you weigh 165 pounds how much should you bench press?

i weigh 165 pounds and bench press 252 pounds. this is above the average though.jorgie145- I currently weigh anywhere between 160-165 and my max is 345 lbs. This is way above average. And no, I dont take sterods either. I am a college student athlete so the NCAA doesn't allow for drug use. I would say a good average bench for this weight would be between 205 and 225.I say if you benching 225lbs you doing good, because you 65 lbs above your weight.

How much do you have to weight at age 13?

you should only bench press your own weight, if more, good. im 13 and i bench 170. i only weigh 97 pounds, 5' 0". i dont care if you believe me or not but it is true. at school kids say i take steroids, i walk like im buff. but you should at LEAST bench your own weight

190 lbs body weight What is a good bench?

bench your weight

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