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The ball is alive, nothing can kill a live ball except when a pitcher hits a batter or the ball goes out of the playing field.

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Q: If a coach is hit by a throw standing in the coach's box is the ball dead or alive?
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Can a base umpire throw a softball coach out of a game?

Yes, any umpire can throw a coach or player out of the game.

What is a challenge in football?

Sometimes when a coach sees something in a critical play that the refs do not, the coach can throw a red flag signaling that he wants the play to be reviewed. The refs will take a few minutes and take a real good look at the play. They may even over turn the call in the coachs favor. coachs only have two challenges per half, or four challenges in the game. they cannot challenge plays within the two minute warnings of each half. critical plays within the two minutes are looked at by the officials.

Why do NFL coachs carry red flag in there sock?

That's called the challenge flag, each coach gets to throw that flag in their sock in order to signal to the refs that they disagree with the call on the field and would like them to take another, closer, look at the play. If the challenge succeeds, the play is reversed. If the challenge fails, the coach loses a timeout. If the team has no more time outs then they cannot challenge a play.

What hand does quarterbacks throw the most?

most quarterbacks throw with there right hand the most, like adrian baugh that goes to lamar high school the greatest quarterback alive. ps. coach green needs to put me at quarterback im to live not to be playing

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Can a coach yell during an opposing teams free throw?

no he can't

What is the longest throw for a lacrosse ball?

I don't know but my coach can throw it a little bit short the length of two fields.

In competition can you throw the discus or put the shot from a standing position?


Can a coach throw off a player for something his uncle did in the parking lot?

No, unless he was involved in it.

What are umpire signals in netball?

the signs tht the coach gives when it is for example a foul,a throw in.

What color flag does a coach throw to indicate they are challenging the ruling of a play?

The flag is red for coach's challenges, yellow to indicate penalties called by the official

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