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bout hundred

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Q: How much should a girl be able to bench press?
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How much should a 15 year old girl bench press?

a 15 year girl should bench press an amount of weight depending on her bodymass,diet,hight etc.

How much should 15 yr olds be able to bench press?

I am a teenage girl with limited regular physical activity, but I started taking weights gym in September. My max bench is 100lbs and I am one of the stronger girls in my class.

How much should you bench press if your 15 and weigh 13o pounds?

If your a guy then you should bench up to 145 & if your a girl you should bench up to 95 or more. However, that generalization really depends on your height and body type. If you are tall or overweight, then you will press less than someone who is shorter or stockier, respectively.

What is the average bench press for girls aged 15-year-old?

I just turned 14, im a girl, and i can bench 80. Ive only been doing bench press for about 2 months. Not sure the average though

How much weight can an average eighteen year old girl lift?

The average 18 year old female in good shape should be able to lift at least 30 pounds with no effort. To bench press, it should be anywhere between 20 to 50 pounds.

How much weight can an average freshman girl lift in bench press?

15% less than your weight if it's a girl.

How many pounds can Taylor Lautner bench press?

I am a 13 Year old girl and i can press like over 150!! SERIOSLY! I think he can bench like 280! That's what I got off of!

If I can bench press 110 5 times what's my max?

Not much about the same of a 15 year oldanorexic girl.

How much can a freshman bench press?

that all depends on your bady structure build and how often and how much you exersice but do not push yourself over your own limit... I would say for a guy 80-150lbs and girl 40-120 I agree somewhat with the above answer, but 120 for a freshman girl is ALOT. Any woman who can legitamately bench press that, regardless of her age, has my wicked respect. I know some guys who, as freshmen, could bench press 345 pounds, while weighing 240. But others I knew bench pressed only the bar, so i agree there is a wide range of capability. I would say that a very impressive bench press for a freshman male is 200 pounds and up. For a girl, 90 pounds and up is similiarly impressive. Boy, the above poster sure has some high expectations in the bench press..... >.<

99 pounds is to heavy or to light for a girl who is 5ft and 12 years old?

Oh yes it is. I bench press that much. But I am a boy. Plus I am 15 years old. I am 5'9. I was 5'8 last year when I started bench pressing.

How much should a fourteen year old girl bench press at a weight of 150?

it really depends on what you want to do you want to be a body builder or weight lifter? or just stay in shape? well if you just want to stay in shape you should be reping about 130-140 about 6,8,10 times. If you want to be a body builder then you should be reping like 115-120 12,15,20 times. Weight lifter, you should at least be abel to bench press your body weight a couple times. Maybe about 3,4,5 times. And then just work up from there.

How much weight should a 16-year-old lift?

16 years old girl should lift between 25-40lbs for dumbbells. She should bench at about 135lbs.

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