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u have to hit 3 hits

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Q: How many hits are you allowed before the ball must over the net and what is the exception to this rule?
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In volleyball how many hits are allowed before returning the ball back to the opponents court?

Only 3 hits are allowed in Volleyball before returning the ball back to the opponents' court.

How many hits are allowed before it hits over the net in Volleyball?

Well there is technically only allowed a maximum 3 hits/passes before the ball can cross over the net, but if the ball is tipped from a block this touch is not counted with the 3 hits/passes.

How many hits in volleyball are you allowed before your team looses the ball?


How many touches are allowed in a team before the ball pass over the net?

3 hits.

How many hits are a player allowed before the ball must go over the net?

three hits are supposed to happen before the ball goes over the net.(bump, set, spike!)

How many hits is a team allowed before the ball must travel back over the net?

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What is the exception of the ball going over a volleyball net?

the exception is if the libero hits the ball out of bounds and a center front, left front, or right front returns it back in

How many hits are you allowed maximum in volleyball before your team loses the ball?

Your team can hit the volleyball three times before it goes over the net.

When your batting in cricket if you hit the ball twice are you out?

Yes, if you strike the ball twice you can be called out. The official scoresheet will read: "Hit the ball twice." However, there is one exception to this rule. You are allowed to hit the ball twice if the second hit is an effort to knock the ball away from the wicket after it had already made contact with you, but not your bat. So, if the ball hits your hand and continues towards the wicket you are allowed to use your bat to knock it away.

How many hits is each team permitted to have on their side of the net before returning the ball to the other team?

each team is allowed three hits on their side, not including the block

If batted ball hits a base before it hits the ground is it an out?

No, it is simply a ground ball and is in play.

What is the maximum number of hits a volleyball team is allowed to return the ball over the net?

The ball must be returned in a maximum of three hits. The exception to this is if your team blocks the ball as it is coming over the net to your side, that block contact does not count as a hit. You can still have 3 additional contacts after the block. This is also why the blocker is allowed to come down and pass immediately after their own block and it does not count as a double contact by the same player.

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