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No you aren't allowed to touch the net at any part of the game. It is called a net violation. If the ball hits it, its fine, but you cannot hit it.

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Q: Are you allowed to touch the net after the ball is spiked?
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Are you allowed to touch the net in volleybal?

no you are not aloud to touch the net at all in volley ball even if you fall into the net the point is awarded to the other team this can be judged by the umpire in the game, the ball is aloud to touch the net and go over but no person is aloud to touch the net or even put tthere hands over the net to block the ball.

Is it a foul in volleyball if the net touches you because a spiked ball pushed the net into you?


Can an opposing player smash a volley when the ball has NOT crossed the net to THEIR side of the court even if they don't touch the net?

No,it is not allowed to reach over the net.

What is the first line of defense against a spiked ball in volleyball?

blockers at the net.

How many times net touch allowed in serve?

as many times as it takes for the ball to make it over without touching the net. there is no limit to this.

Is your team allowed to hit the ball four times before hitting it over the net?

No, your are only allowed to hit the ball three times, unless the first was a touch at the block.

Is it legal to play a net ball in volley ball?

As long as you don't touch the net, and the ball doesn't touch the ground, yes.

What is allowed to touch the net?

The ball is allowed to touch the net. No part of any player is allowed to touch the net. Players may touch the ground on the opponents side of the net with their foot as long as they pick their foot up directly up off the ground and bring it back to their side of the court. They may not drag their foot back to their side of the court. If a player falls and lands on the opponents side of the court it is considered "under the net" and causes a point and/or sideout.

Can any part of your body touch the net while the ball is in play?

no.. if you touch the net, the ref will blow the whistle and the ball goes to the opposite team

Can you reach over the net to hit the ball in tennis?

Depends on what you mean by "you." I'll assume that you mean either a ball you have just hit, or yourself. If the ball touches the net on a serve, and bounces over the net landing in-bounds, then it is called a let, and acts just like a redo. If the ball hits the net and falls back on your side, then it is a fault and you loose the point. Any other time, the ball is allowed to hit the net. If you touch the net yourself (either with your racquet, clothes, body, hair) before the ball has bounced twice on the opponent's court then you loose the point.

What is heading when you play soccer?

When you touch the ball with your head and it goes away it is called heading. you can head a ball into the net.

What is a net violation in volleyball?

-All balls and serves have to get over the net if you want it to count as a point for your team. If it doesn't, it's a point for the other team. -If you hands touch the net, either when blocking or hitting, it's an automatic point for the other team. -If the ball touches the antenna on the net, then it's automatically out of bounds, point for the other team. If you were to be playing club volleyball then your fingers can't touch the top of the net or the bottom.