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it should be about a yard a little shorter if you play attack

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Q: How long should a attack and middie lacrosse shaft be?
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Where can you find a cheap 6 foot lacrosse shaft?

STX AL6000 Attack Lacrosse Shaft price: $14.95

What is the best cheap attack lacrosse shaft?

brine f55 or warrior thriller

What is the STX Katana Attack Lacrosse Shaft made of?

scandium im pretty sure

How long does a attack men lacrosse stick have to be?

The shaft alone minimum is 30 Inches and the Head + Shaft minimum is 40 inches!

What do you look for in a good lacrosse shaft?

Depends on if you are attack, middie, or defense. For attack, ideally, you want something very light to easily shoot and pass with. Look for a titanium/ hybrid alloy shaft. For middie, you want a balance of strength and weight, strong, kinda heavy to through checks, but light enough to shoot and cradle with. Look for a hybrid/ composite material shaft. For defense, you want something really strong to hold up to checks. Weight for defense is up to the player; heavy to check better, or light to pass and cradle better with. Look for a hybrid/ steel/ aluminum shaft. But, ask around your team or friends, see what other people have, ask to use their stick, and base your judgement on how the stick feels for you.

What is the worst lacrosse shaft?

the stx amp is the worst lacrosse shaft

What is a good lacrosse stick for attack?

a warrior helix lacrosse head on a warrior kryptolyte shaft please add me to your saved sellers on eBay i have awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

How much does the Gait 803 Ice Attack lacrosse shaft weigh?

4.9 oz Dude/Dudet

How long is a mens lacrosse shaft?

it depends if youre on defense or attack and midfielder

What are the lacrosse sizes?

If by "What are the lacrosse sizes?" you mean what the different lengths of lacrosse shafts are I can help you. There are three basic lengths of shafts, A 60" shaft for defensive players or long stick midis. There is a 30" shaft for midis and attack men. There is also a 40" shaft for goalies. However, all goalies don't the 40" shaft some (including me) use a 30" shaft (it's mostly a preference thing.)

Should you tape the top of your lacrosse shaft?

no you don't tape the top of your lacrosse just tape just lower region for better grip and reminding you where to put your hands.

What is the shortest stick allowed in lacrosse?

This question is impossible to answer because women's lacrosse sticks are measured as an overall length (including the head). According to US Lacrosse and NCAA rules, a woman's lacrosse stick should measure between 35 1/2" to 43 1/4". These are overall lengths and NOT just shaft length.