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4.9 oz Dude/Dudet

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Q: How much does the Gait 803 Ice Attack lacrosse shaft weigh?
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Is there different gait ice lacrosse shaft?

no there is only the 803

What is the lightest gait lacrosse shaft for attack Can you put a link and exact weight?

Gait db803 or db803 ICE. They are both supremacy light, and the only difference is the texture of the ICE. Sides that they are virtually the same

What is lacrosse heads fit on the stx crank shaft 7075?

there are some gait ones that fit

What is the difference between the gait 803 ice and the gait 803 ice TOS AM?

These are two types of lacrosse shafts. The TOS is a type of crank shaft, while the gait 803 ice is not a crankshaft.

What is a good lacrosse shaft?

its really about your preferences. But I say the sci+ti pro. Its kinda expensive but if you get it you'll love it. If it is I would get the gait ice

Who makes gait ice shaft?


Will a Gait Lacrosse head fit on an STX lacrosse Shaft?

Any head can be put on any shaft. All you have to do is put the bottom of the head in warm not boiling water, just warm tap water for a few minutes and it should slide rite on to your maverick shaft if it doesn't already.

What gloves does UVA lacrosse wear?

Gait Recons

Can a traditional lacrosse pocket fit on a gait nuclear lacrosse head?

yea i have 1 just like that

What is an air gait in lacrosse?

An air gait in lacrosse is a move where a player jumps in the air, carries the ball in their stick, and scores while landing back on the field. It is a flashy and high-risk move that requires skill and timing to pull off successfully.

Who is the master of lacrosse?

It's Mickey Powell or Gary Gait.

How much does a Gait torque lacrosse head cost?

$40 to $60