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no you don't tape the top of your Lacrosse just tape just lower region for better grip and reminding you where to put your hands.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-20 22:09:20
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Q: Should you tape the top of your lacrosse shaft?
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What do you do if your lacrosse shaft is too small for its head?

Wrap tape around the top of the shaft to however much more thicker you need. The best tape to use is electrical.

How do you take the end knob of a lacrosse stick?

to tape the knob start right on the rubber and tape going up the shaft to a certain point where you should feel it should stop remember not to tape the top of the stick as you need it smooth to cradle

How small does a lacrosse shaft have to be?

a lax shaft for children under 5ft. should range about 3 - 4.5 ft. if u are over 5ft the top of your shaft should be up and right over your hips

What is a good lacrosse stick for attack?

a warrior helix lacrosse head on a warrior kryptolyte shaft please add me to your saved sellers on eBay i have awesome deals on the top lacrosse gear

What if your lacrosse head is stuck how to get it off?

hold the top of the lacrosse head to the ground and step on the head, pinching the head to the ground under your foot and pull on the shaft of the stick

What is the Name of lacrosse stick?

the metal part is the shaft the top the holds the ball is called the head and the net is the mesh

What is a top quality full lacrosse stick?

Warrior Titan levitation as the shaft, STX proton power as the head

How can you tape your lacrosse stick?

well, i put about 6 inches on the bottom and top and a ring where i like to put my hand when i pass

How do you hold a D pole in lacrosse?

just like a regular lacrosse stick. when you have the ball you choke up and leave shaft on the bottom. when you're defending someone, you have your bottom hand at the butt of the stick and hold your top hand in a comfortable position

How do you take the graphic off a lacrosse stick?

If you have an aluminum shaft with graphics ON TOP of the metal, then you can just take a quarter (because it won't scratch the shaft) and work your way around the stick scratching off the graphic. If it is composite, you are out of luck.

How long does a youth lacrosse stick have to be?

you depends on your size so the head top should be at your armpit

What is a lacrosse stick called?

the metal is called the shaft and the top part(with mesh) where the ball goes is called the head and the rubber part on the end is called the butt the complete things is called a lacrosse stick. or you just call it a basket...whatever suits your style!! :P

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