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The simplest way to make soft mesh into hard mesh is by wraping it in a towel and soaking it in water for 3-6 hours depending on how hard you want your mesh?

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Q: How do you make soft mesh hard mesh?
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How do you make soft mesh hard mesh on a lacrosse stick?

You cannot make soft mesh into hard mesh. They are two different kinds of mesh that must be purchased separately

How do you make a soft mesh lacrosse stick hard mesh?

re-string it with hard mesh.

If you dye lacrosse mesh?

it will stiffen up - if you have soft mesh it will turn it to a colored hard mesh

Mesh you should use for a goalie lacrosse stick?

Monster Mesh and Hard Mesh. Do not use soft mesh cause it can rip easily.

What is the best Lacrosse Mesh for a midfielder?

i would say 10 diamond mesh... just the regular. But when it comes to hard, soft, or semi-hard mesh it all depends on what you like and your skill level. Soft mesh is usually used for better cradling because it moves with the ball, and hard mesh is usually used for quick and fast release. hope this helped :)

Does dying lacrosse mesh make it soft?


What are the different types of lacrosse mesh?

hard mesh soft mesh micro mini mesh 8 diamond 7 diamond 6 diamond 5 diamond Canadian mesh traditional mesh fresh mesh dura mesh sweet mesh (very very hard to find not sold online or really in stores yet)

What is the difference between hard mesh and Canadian mesh?

Canadian mesh is twice as thick as hard mesh.

What is the difference between Marc mesh and hard mesh for lacrosse?

marc mesh is softer then hard mesh it also is easier to break in and it is waterproof

What is dura mesh?

Dura mesh fells like a broken in hard mesh. Also it wont change as much as a hard mesh when it gets wet.

What is the difference between soft and hard engineering?

Simply, "hard" engineering is the phisical components and "soft" engineering is the soft ware. E.g, a hard engineer would make a mouse, and a soft enginner would make a game online

What is difference between hard and soft wood?

soft wood is easy to cut but not good to make stuff and hard wood is hard to cut but good to make with

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