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Monster Mesh and Hard Mesh. Do not use soft mesh cause it can rip easily.

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Q: Mesh you should use for a goalie lacrosse stick?
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What is 12 diamond mesh in lacrosse?

the mesh that is used on a goalie stick

What do leathers do in lacrosse strings?

For a traditional pocket, they have no use in a mesh pocket unless it is an open sidewall goalie stick.

How do you string your lacrosse pocket?

Go to a sports store and by a mesh kit. IN the mesh kit should be directions on how to string a stick

What is the best lacrosse mesh for a goalie?

as a goalie myself, i would probably say that 12D mesh is better than most other mesh. it all depends on what you like and what type you play well with

How do you make a soft mesh lacrosse stick hard mesh?

re-string it with hard mesh.

Can you dye your lacrosse stick mesh with food coloring?

I wouldn't recommend it. I can work if you've got a really soft mesh but you should probably stick to RIT dye.

What is a sidewall on a lacrosse stick?

the strings that hold the mesh to the side walls of the stick

Is it illegal to tape your lacrosse stick?

no, as far as you are not taping the mesh

How do you make soft mesh hard mesh on a lacrosse stick?

You cannot make soft mesh into hard mesh. They are two different kinds of mesh that must be purchased separately

What type of net in the stick should a begginer have in lacrosse?

it all depends on what kind of feel you want your stick to have. i think Canadian mesh is the best but that's my opinion

How do you make a lacrosse stick pocket deeper?

first insert a lacrosse ball in ur lacrosse stick next put a pen threw ur mesh and just leave it for a while

What is the best way to clean lacrosse stick head and mesh?

One thing you shouldn't do if you like a soft mesh, DON'T WET IT!!!!!!

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