If you dye lacrosse mesh

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it will stiffen up

- if you have soft mesh it will turn it to a colored hard mesh

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Q: If you dye lacrosse mesh
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Can you dye a lacrosse head with the mesh?

Yes you can dye the head with the mesh in it but the dye will spread faster in the mesh then in the plastic and it will only be the darkest color you dye your head (if multi-colored).

How do you dye a lacrosse head without getting the mesh dyed but keep the mesh on while dying it?

You cant

Can you use food coloring to dye a lacrosse head?

No food coloring will only dye the mesh and the color of the dye will be a lighter color on the mesh i used magenta food coloring and the mesh turned light pink

Can you dye your lacrosse stick mesh with food coloring?

I wouldn't recommend it. I can work if you've got a really soft mesh but you should probably stick to RIT dye.

What can you put over your mesh and stringing when you dye your goalie lacrosse head?

nothing. you unstring it do the hot glue and rit dye then restring it. if you dont want it to be unstrung, then just dye the mesh. it wont make the mesh any softer, just change the color of it

How do you dye lacrosse mesh 2 colors?

Put the dye in a pot and put a stick through the middle of the mesh letting the ends of the stick sit on the pot so you dont have to hold it. The mesh is now half dyed and you do the same thing to the other side.

What products should you use to dye lacrosse stick pocket mesh?

you should use RIT dye you can get it at and stores like riteaid, walmart and any other store. I use rit dye and it worked perfectle but dont put the mesh in the dye for to long or it wil be to dark and it will look bad.

How do youu dye lacrosse mesh?

You can dye it the same way you would dye a head, with rit dye. It can be gotten at any grocery or arts and crafts store. Add the dye to boiling water and submerge until desired color.

What is the best type of mesh to use for lacrosse?


What is the best lacrosse mesh for a defender?

had mesh 10 diamond

How do you dye lacrosse soft mesh three colors?

The easiest way would be to get three different colors , make sure that you have a light, medium and darker color. Dye the mesh all in the lightest color, then allow to dry, unless you want some bleeding between colors and fin a way the suspend the mesh over the dye to make another line in the mesh when its put on the middle colored dye. Repeat for darkest color, dyeing the rest.

How do you make a old beat up lacrosse stick look nicer?

Replace the mesh,shooting strings,sidewall strings, dye the head.

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