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No stolen base awarded as the stolen base was uncontested.

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Q: Fastpitch Softball is the following scored as a stolen base- Runners on 1st and 3rd runner on first attempts to steal 2nd catcher throws hard to pitcher to trick runner on 3rd to go is it steal of 2nd?
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What is a force out in softball?

Actually, a force out in Softball is, for example: If runners are on first and second, the force out is at third because the runner is forced to run to third base due to the runners behind him/her.

What is base load?

in baseball and softball it means theres runners on every base

What is the number 1 rule in softball?

Pay attention to the game at all times! Know where your runners are, and if their covered.

What is a split bases scenario in softball?

split bases, is basically a fielding term, for when there are runners on first and third bases.

What happens when 2 base runners are on the same base?

If the base or runners are tagged with the ball while 2 runners are on the same base, the following runner is out.

In slow pitch softball if the batter-runner is hit by his own batted ball while running to first base he is out can the runners on base advance or must they remain at their base?

batter is out, runners do not advance

Why do you bunt a softball?

You bunt to get on base, just like a hit. You also bunt to sacrifice in order to move runners on base.

What is a good softball team name?

Some great names are The De Paul's, The Fighters, The Knights, The Syracause, and The Runners. I hope that this helps :)

What is a infield fly rule in softball?

Runners on 1st and/or 2nd, less then 2 outs, ball popped up in the infield, batter is automatically out.

Definition of play first in softball?

It's a play where in the fielder throws the ball to 1st base to get the batter-runner out. This play is always done when there are no runners on base.

If a pitch is hit off the ground into fair territory and the home plate umpire doesn't see it does the base umpire have to to call it foul or does the home plate umpire have to seek help on the call?

What help would be needed? In fastpitch softball it is legal to hit a pitch that touchs the ground 1st. In slo-pitch, then the ruling should be a foul ball. ---- It is also completely legal in MLB and little league baseball as well. In USSSA softball, if a pitched ball strikes the ground before crossing home plate not only can the batter legally hit the ball, but any runners on base may immediately leave their base and run toward the next base. If the batter does not swing and hit the ball, it is called a ball and the runners must return to their bases.

In which Olympic event do runners jump an obstacle?

Runners jump obstacles in the following races: Women's 100m hurdles Men's 110m hurdles 400m hurdles 3000m steeplechase

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