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The catcher is allowed to touch the batter while throwing to any base. However, the batter must not move into the catcher's path. If the batter does and the catcher makes contact with the batter, it is called as Interference. If Interference is called during a steal attempt, the runner must go back to their original base.

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Q: Can the catcher touch the batter while throwing to 3RD base?
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If a catcher hits a batter with the ball while trying to throw a runner out at third is the runner out?

If the batter showed signs of trying to move out of the way to give the catcher a clear lane to throw then neither the batter or the runner it out. If the batter did not move at all to provide the catcher a throwing lane, then the batter is out, but the runner is safe.

Catcher interfers with batter and tags runner from third out ruling?

yea because while the batter interfer with the catcher the play is normaily stoped

Has a catcher ever been hit by the batter?

Yes, this has happened enough to have a specific rule about it. If the bat strikes the catcher or his equipment (almost always his glove) while the batter is swinging, the umpire calls catcher interference and the batter takes first base.

What is catcher interferance?

Catcher's Interference is an Umpire's call due to the Catcher making some type of contact with either the batter or his bat during a pitch or does other actions to interfere with a batter's ability to hit the oncoming pitched ball however an Umpire can only call Catcher's Interference as long as the batter is in a legal position while in the batter's box and in the event of Catcher's Interference being called the batter is awarded first base automatically and the runners advanced only if forced to.

What happens if the catcher hits the bat with the ball while attempting to throw out a runner?

If the batter was in the batter's box and did not make an intentional motion with the bat to block the catcher then nothing happens. The ball is still live and in play

Name of person who throws a baseball?

A pitcher throws a baseball to the catcher while the batter trys to hit it.

If there is no strikes and a batter hits the ball not in the air in the faul taritory and the catcher catches is it a out?

If the batted ball is on the ground and touched by a defensive player while the ball is in foul territory, before passing 1B or 3B, then it is foul, and the batter is not out. But if the batted ball is hit in the air, a pop up, and the catcher catches it while in foul territory, the batter is out.

If the ball is caught and then dropped - while the player is tumbling on the ground - is the batsman out?

Usually the batter is not out, but if the fielder drops the ball in the act of throwing it to an infielder the batter is out. So your question's answer is no he is not out.

Is it true that if you play with your iPod touch while it is charging there is a chance the batter will short circuit?

no it will not i do it all the time

Can the batter's box be stepped on by the batter?

It has to be okay. The batter isn't allowed to step anywhere else while he's batting. If you're talking about the chalk lines around the batter's box, yes. They are a part of his boundaries and he can touch them with his foot.

What is a pitch out in softball?

A pitch out is another term for intentionally walking a batter. What that means is the pitcher will pitch four balls(not strikes) in order to put the batter on base without giving her a chance to hit. The batter will only get to first base unless she steals or gets hit around in a later situation. The reason for this is normally when the batter is a very good hitter and the pitcher would rather give the batter after her a chance to hit so that a run isn't scored. Pitch outs are thrown very far out from the strike zone. The pitcher will throw only at 70 mph (not exactly- around that speed) while the catcher stands up and out of the way to catch it. A pitch out is a term for intentionally throwing a ball to the outside of the plate (where the batter cannot hit it) because you believe that the runner (usually on first) is going to try to steal a base. The pitch out allows the catcher to stand up as soon as the pitch is thrown and be in a throwing position as soon as he/she receives the ball. This allows the catcher to get the ball to the the target base very quickly and can greatly improve the chances of throwing out the runner. An intentional walk is when the pitcher intentionally throws four balls to put the runner on first. There are a number of situations where a team may want to do this. Example: there are runners on second and third and you want to setup a force play at home plate. In this case you would intentionally walk the batter.

What fielding records are kept on a catcher?

Fielding stats kept on catchers include putouts, assists, errors, double plays, passed balls, catcher's interference, percentage of base stealers thrown out, number of bases stolen against, number of base stealers thrown out. The combined ERA of all pitchers while they are throwing to a particular catcher is also calculated, but this stat is not widely publicized.

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