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No, As long as it is unintentional as ruled by the the umpirers

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Q: On a dropped 3rd strike what if the batter steps on the baseball as he is running to 1st base is the runner out for stepping on the ball?
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How is it scored in the book if a batter steps on the plate?

Nothing is scored because of a batter stepping on home plate. There is no rule in MLB prohibiting a batter from stepping on home plate.

Name some characteristics of a baseball?

There are many characteristics in baseball. The main characteristics are pitching the ball to the batter and then the batter running after hitting the ball.

Is the batter out if he bunts while stepping on home plate?

No. There is no rule in MLB prohibiting a player from stepping on home plate.

If a batter steps on home plate after hitting a ball is he out?

In Major League Baseball, there is no rule prohibiting a batter from stepping on home plate after he hits the ball. Often, a right handed batter will step on home plate on his way to 1st base after hitting the ball, especially when he bunts.

What is the official scoring when a batter makes contact while stepping out of the batters box?

If the batter is outside of the box when contact is made, the batter is out.

What is the official score on a batter stepping out of batter box and making contact with the ball and bat?

ask an umpire

In baseball what happens if a batter inadvertantly kicks the baseball while running to first base?

If he is running outside the baseline as he legally should, it's a foul ball. If he happens to be in the field of play he's out.

If the batter attempts to bunt and misses and steps on home plate is he out?

No. There is no rule prohibiting the batter from stepping on home plate.

In baseball is a batter out if the catcher drops a third strike and the batter does not realize it was a dropped ball until he is almost to the dugout and then runs safely to first?

Once the player has headed for the dugout he can be considered out. However, if the umpire has not called the batter out yet, then he is still in play.

What is the rectangle used for on the foul side of the first base line on the baseball field?

The batter is supposed to stay within the rectangle when running to first base. If the batter is outside the box and gets hit with a thrown ball, they can be called out for running outside the baseline.

In baseball what are seven ways to get to first base without getting a hit?

1. Walk 2. Hit by Pitch 3. Error 4. Fielder's choice 5. Strikeout dropped by catcher 6. Catcher interferes with swing 7. A fielder obstructs the base path of a batter running to first base

When is a batter out for stepping out of the batters box?

When 3 strikes are thrown and the umpire has not called time out.

What do baseball teams and birthday cakes have in common?

batter (cake batter and baseball batters)

What is a batter credited with when the batter reaches 1st base on a dropped third strike?

The batter would be charged with a strikeout and an at-bat.

Can batter surrender dropped third strike?


What is the origin of the baseball phrase stepping in the bucket?

I don't know that history has recorded who started the phrase but one of the first to use it was Babe Ruth in a short film in 1931 called 'Slide Babe Slide'. Stepping in the bucket is when a batter stands at the playe with his front foot further away from the plate than his back foot and strides away from the plate when swinging.

If a batter steps on home plate while bunting and the ball rolls foul is he out?

There is no rule in MLB prohibiting the batter from stepping on home plate. However, the batter may be out for bunting foul with two strikes.

Batter kick dropped third strike is he out?


Can batter advance on dropped third strike?

yes, but he can be thrown out if the ball beats him to first after the dropped 3rd strike.

When a walk happens in baseball is there a automatic time out when batter reaches 1st base or is he free to keep on running?

Yes, they are allowed to advance a base.

What is considered a good time for running from home plate to first base in little league?

When you hit the ball into fair territory or when a 3rd strike is dropped by the catcher. There's no other time a batter needs to run to first.

Dropped third strike?

Anytime the ball hits the dirt on a 3rd strike it is considered a "dropped 3rd strike", even if it is executed as the pitcher and catcher wanted (ie. curveball in the dirt). On a dropped 3rd strike, the batter can try and advance by running to 1st base, as with any runner, the defensive team will need to tag the batter out or throw to 1st base. If the runner walks to the dugout, the umpire can call him outon his disgression. The dropped 3rd strike rule does not apply if there is a runner on 1st base with less then 2 outs. If there are 2 outs, all runners required to run would be forced to advance and be safe for this rule to apply

How do you score a batter being called out for stepping on homeplate during a bunt?

2 unassisted. Any batter or runner called out on account of a rule is scored as the action of the nearest player.

Does it matter if the batter swings or not on the dropped third strike rule?


Can a runner score on a dropped third strike if the batter is out at first?

Yes, as long as the batter thrown out at first is not the third out of the inning.