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If the pitch is in the strike zone, and the batter does not swing, it is a "strike." If the pitch is not in the strike zone, and the batter does not swing, it is a "ball."

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Q: If a ball comes to the batter and it's a good ball and it's not swung at is that consided a strike out?
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What does the K stand for in softball?

A 'K' is a strikeout where the batter swung at strike three. A 'k' is a strikeout where the batter did not swing at strike three.

What does it mean when the pitcher fanned the batter?

He swung (fanned the air) at the ball for a strike

Why is the strike K sometimes backwards in baseball?

The "K" is placed backwards in cases where the batter strikes out looking.

What is a pitched ball that is not is not swung at and isn't in the strike zone called?

A ball...

What does it mean when a batter is Struck out looking?

In baseball which includes Major League Baseball, striking out looking means the batter has two strikes on his as the counter and he takes a third strike without swiging the bat therefore he struck out looking because he struck out while looking at the pitched ball.

Is swung an adjective?

It may be (a swung hammer, a swung fist). Swung is the irregular past tense and past participle of the verb to swing.

What is the difference between a strike and a strike out?

A strike is based on the workers refusing to work in an effort to accomplish financial and personal gains from their employers. A lockout is basically the other way around. The employers refuse the workers the opportunity to work in an effort to force financial redirection and compliance. NFL -- A lockout is caused by the owners standing together against the players, whereas a strike is the players standing together refusing to play. Either way, both sides are trying to accomplish goals based on their own needs, and or, wants.

What does it mean to post a k in a baseball stadium?

A "k" is a strikeout, from the abbreviation used to denote a strikeout when scoring baseball on a scorecard. In some stadiums, simply "k" is the denotation; in others, there is a distinction made between a "k" and one which is written backwards. A "k" written forwards means that the battter struck out swinging (he swung at the last pitch, producing the final strike). A "k" written backwards means that the batter struck out looking (he did not swing at the pitch that produced the final strike). In broadcasting, "posting a k" simply means that the batter struck out and does not distinguish between a batter who struck out swinging and one who struck out looking.

How do you use swung in a sentence?

I swung on the swing set.

What is a whoosh ball?

A whoosh ball is a pitch of any variety that is swung at and missed by the batter. A "whoosh pitch" is any kind of change-up that fools the batter into swinging noticeably out of synch with (before or after) the pitch arrives.

When was I Swung the Election created?

I Swung the Election was created in 1939.

Is a check swing a strike in the rule book?

Incredibly, neither the baseball rule book nor the umpires' manual contains a written definition of a check swing. The generally accepted rule of thumb is that you need to break the plane of the front of home plate with your wrists and at least part of the barrel of the bat. But because there's no actual definition, in practice a check swing is whatever the home plate umpire says it is.AnswerIt's extremely subjective; each umpire has his own guidelines. Some will call a strike if the wrists break, others will call a strike depending on how far the bat goes, and still others go by whatever they judge the batter's intent to have been. AnswerUmpires should address this as a judgment call, based on whether or not the feel that the batter intended to offer at the pitch.