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bench your weight

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Q: 190 lbs body weight What is a good bench?
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Can you bench press twice your body weight?

yeahh...after an extensive training regime and good diet, I weighed 190 and and put up 400, and that was after a perfect system. it can be done with dedication

How much should freshmen lineman bench?

About 190-250 is a good number

How much weight should you be bench pressing when you weigh 142 pounds?

I bench 190 for 5 reps and 185 for six reps and I weigh 142

How much should you be able to bench press?

you should be at least able to bench your own weight but if you can't then you are pretty weak my bench press is 100 pounds max at a body weight of 96 pounds but keep your self at a pace you can do you dont want to hurt youself. -- Everyones bench press max is different. I weigh 130pounds, my 5 sets of 5 is with 130 pounds and my max is 170pounds. 30-40pounds above your 5 by 5 max is a pretty good guesstimate of your one rep max if you are around my weight. i weigh 139 and can do 190

Ideal body weight for 5' 11 body builder?

190 to 200 pounds

How much weight should you bench if you weigh 130?

I weigh 127.7 and bench 190. I Would not base this on the normal bench press for a 130 pound being because I am one of the 10 to 20 state champions at powerlifting in the state of Kentucky

How heavy are the bones in your body?

The skeletal system accounts for about 12% of a human's weight. I weigh 190 pounds. Therefore, the weight of my bones is equal to:190 x 0.12 = 22.8 pounds

If you are 12 years old and 160 pounds what should you bench press?

It depends solely on how much exerciseexperience you have. Most say it is good to bench your own weight, but at 12 you haven't developed completely. So, I would say around 120-130 lbs would be good. At 12, I weighed around 190 and benched around 145. When I got on into high school and started working out more and more, my bench eventually got up to almost 100 lbs over my body weight. Don't get discouraged if it isn't high yet, like I said, you have a lot more growing to do.

What percent of your body weight did you lose if you weighed 190 and now weigh 160?

You weighed 190 and lost 30 so you now weigh 160. 30 divided by 190 = 0,157 so 16%

What is the ideal body weight for 6' 3 25-year-old man?

The ideal body weight for a 6'3 tall 25 year is anywhere from 190-210 pounds.

Is a 187lbs max out bench press good for a 14 year old and weighs 137lbs?

idk if u cud bench that cuz its either 185 or 190 but yea that's pretty gud for a fourteen year old

What is the average bench press weight for a 13 year old?

Im 13 5.5 and 112lbs and I bench press at around 140-150lbs that's a bit better than a 14 year old that does weightlifting so you should be able to bench press at least 3/4 of your own weight. my records. deadlift: 250lbs-280lbs benchpress: 140-150lbs squat: 190-200lbs

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