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swimming competition is when people swim in a contest like event, where they swim against the other members of other swim teams and they do different events and one is called a relay and the score the relay to see who wins.

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Q: What is swimming competition or relay scores?
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How many events are there in 'free style' swimming competition?

How many events are there in 'free style' swimming competition

How many player in swimming competition?

Depends on the competition( meet)

When were the first competitions of swimming?

The first swimming competition was in 1984.

What is the name of a swimming competition?

There are a few events that take place in the swimming pool at the Olympics * Swimming * Diving * Synchronised Swimming * Water Polo

How do you say swimming competition?

Many people call it different things. Some people call it a swim meet. Others call them a swimming competition.

What is the difference between synchronized swimming and synchronised swimming?

"Normal" swimming is usually considered to be individual lap swimming or individual or relay competition and is one of the four racing strokes: Front crawl(or freestyle), butterfly, breastroke, or backstroke. Each of these can be perfected by preset standards. Another "normal" stroke may be elementary backstroke but it is a resting stroke and not in any competition. Synchronized swimming consists of a team that works together to invent a routine based on the standard moves.

What is a competition mile for swimming purposes?

You swim a mile.

How many swimmers swim during swimming competition?


How do you know when do start swimming in a competition?

when the buzzer gos off

Depth competition swimming pool?

At least 2 meters.

Why did Michael Phelps joined the swimming competition?

To get to the other side.

What is the anchor leg as in relay swimming or running?

last man