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Bethpage State Park Golf Course -- Farmingdale, NY

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Q: What is the best golf course in New York?
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Where was the first public golf coarse in the US?

Van Cortlandt Golf Course, New York

What is the best golf course on Prince Edward Island?

Glasgow Hills Golf Course in New Glasgoe

How long is Central Park golf course?

Assuming that you are asking about Central Park in New York City: there is no such thing as the Central Park Golf Course.

What is the best golf course in New Jersey?

Pine Valley Golf Club, Clementon, NJ

Where in the city can I register for Golf Instructions?

I assume from your question that the city means "New York City." In that case, you can try New York Golf Center or the World of Golf.

What do you need to start to make a new golf course?

You need a lot of money and time to start a golf course

What are the best acting programs in new york?

the most famous of course is Julliard.

What are the release dates for Destination Golf - 2005 New York City?

Destination Golf - 2005 New York City was released on: USA: 27 August 2012

Can you drive golf carts on the road in new York?


How many golf courses does New York have?

New York state has approximately 700 golf courses. New York City's boroughs have about 8 to 10 if you include the short par-3 courses such as Breezy Point (Jacob Riis Park) and Flushing Meadows.

What golf course has the highest slope rating?

Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey has a slope rating of 155 (out of a possible 155) from the championship tees.

Where can I take Golf Lessons in Buffalo, New York?

The Wehrle Golf Dome is a wonderful place to get golf lessons in Buffalo, New York. They are located at 8230 Wehrle Drive and the phone number is (716) 631-3663.