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Glasgow Hills Golf Course in New Glasgoe

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Q: What is the best golf course on Prince Edward Island?
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What is the best island to live on in Canada?

Helllou...Vancouver Island!! PEI, Prince Edward Island

What province speaks best french Ontario or quebec or new brunswick or prince edward island?

Of course it's Quebec, it's the province where the majority of francophones live!!

Prince edward island is the maritime province best suited to farming because of its?

Weather patterns and landscapes

Where is the best game fishing in Canada?

If you are on the East Coast it is Bluefin Tuna fishing on the north shore of Prince Edward Island

Where in Canada is good arable land found?

The best known regions include Prince Edward Island and the praries, however there is abundant arable land in most provinces.

What kinds of foods are the best in prince Edwards island?


Why did John Hamilton Gray want confederation?

John Hamilton Gray thought it was in the best interests for the Canadian provinces to stick together. He was discouraged when Prince Edward Island did not join at first.

Why is Edward the best character of the story The Prince and The Pauper?

because he is protagonist and main character in story

What is the best golf course in Rhode Island?

All golf courses in Rhode Island are good. So it comes down to opinion.

What have others said about the golf course at Amelia Island Plantation?

The best way to find out about what others said about the golf course of Amelia Island Plantation is to go online and look up under this particular island. You can also ask around.

What is the best golf course in St Barts?

At about eight square miles, and very hilly, the island does not have a golf course. However, there is a driving range.

What did Jacques cartier do to become famous?

Jacques Cartier is best known for exploring the St. Lawrence River and discovering Prince Edward Island in 1534. He also established a base near Quebec. He was a French explorer who helped France claim lands that would be known as Canada.

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