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first of all barca and manU faced each other in uefa champions league final in 2009, ROME and barcalona won it AND 2010-11 WAS FOUGHT BETWEEN inter milan and bayern munich which was won by Inter milan

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The match was won by Barcelona with a 3-1 score.

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I think you are referring to the 2011 Champions lEague final. If that is the case, Barcelona won the Champions league final. They won 3-1.

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Q: Who won the Manchester vs. barcalona final champions league 2011?
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Which team won the UEFA Champions league in 2007?

It was ac milan liverpool were playing but got knocked out in the final

When is Manchester united vs barcalona?

The champion league final between Barcelona and Manchester United was on the 28/5/2011.

Who has played in a Manchester derby a Liverpool derby and champions league final?

Phillip Neville has played for Manchester United, Everton Football club and i think he was involved in the champions league final when Manchester united beat bayern munich in '99

When did Barcelona won there fast champions league?

Barcelona won their last Champions League in 2011. They defeated Manchester United in the final.

Who missed the penalty for Manchester united in 2008 champions league final?


How many times has man united lost champions league final?

Manchester United have only ever lost one Champions League final, against Barcelona in 2009.

Where was the 2008 UEFA Champions League final played?

The 2008 UEFA Champions League Final was played in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium. The final match was between the English teams Manchester United and Chelsea.

What team did Manchester beat to reach the 2010 2011 champions league final?


What teams played the EVEFA Champions League Final?

In 2011, Barcelona and Manchester United

When did Manchester United eliminate Barcelona in the champions league?

UEFA champions league semi final in 2008-09 season which United eventually won

Who has played in the Manchester derby mersyside derby and scored in champions league final?


Who won the champions league 2007-2008?

Manchester United beat Chelsea in the final on penalties.