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UEFA champions league semi final in 2008-09 season which United eventually won

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Q: When did Manchester United eliminate Barcelona in the champions league?
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When did Barcelona won there fast champions league?

Barcelona won their last Champions League in 2011. They defeated Manchester United in the final.

What teams did Barcelona beat in champions league finals?

Barcelona beat Sampodaria, Arsenal, Manchester United.

What three teams did the Manchester united beat in the champions league finals?

Manchester United beat Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Who made it to the finals of -09 season of the UEFA champions league?

Manchester United and F.C. Barcelona Barcelona won the title with a 2-0 over Manchester United

Manchester united Vs Barcelona?

yes they are playing barca in the champions league final

What teams played the EVEFA Champions League Final?

In 2011, Barcelona and Manchester United

Top 3 teams for champions league?

Manchester united,juventus,and Barcelona i think

Who won the uefa champions league in 2009?

Final = Barcelona Vs Manchester United Winners = Barcelona 2-0

Which team is the best at soccer?

at the moment. whoever wins between Manchester United and Barcelona at the Champions League Final will be. The best teams in Europe compete for the top spot in the Champions League and Manchester United and Barcelona will fight off. I would personally say Manchester are at the moment

Have Manchester United beaten Barcelona?

Yes in 2008 champions league semi finals and more

Who won the uefa champions league 2011?

the final match was between Manchester United and Barcelona . Barcelona defeated Man U .

Is Barcelona still in the uefa champions 2011?

Barcelona won the uefa champions 2011, against Manchester united In 2010 Inter Milan won over bayern munich ;)

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