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Manchester United have only ever lost one Champions League final, against Barcelona in 2009.

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Q: How many times has man united lost champions league final?
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How many times have Manchester United reached the Champions League final?

Manchester united have reached Champions League 5 times. They reached in 1968,1999,2008,2009 and 2011.

How many times have Chelsea been in the champions league final?

Twice. They lost the first one to Manchester United in the 2007-2008 Champions League Final in Moscow.

How many times has Cristiano Ronaldo won the champions league?

Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Champions League once after his United team beat Chelsea in Moscow in his first final. His second Champions League final with United ended in defeat to the hands of Barcelona.

How many times have man united lost champions league finals?

Manchester United have lost the UEFA Champions League final twice. They lost to FC Barcelona in 2009 and 2011.

How many times have man united been champions league champions?

2 times

How many times have Manchester United won the Champions League competition?

Manchester united have won 3 champions league tiles

How many times leeds united won champions league?

Leeds United have never won the Champions League or European Cup.

How many times have arsenal been champions league champions?

0 There been in the the Champions League Final losing 2-1 to Barcelona

How many times has Juventus won the Champions League final?

2 times

How many times has juventus been in champions league final?

12 times

How many times has Manchester United won the champions league?

Manchester United have won the champion league 3 times.

How many times have leads united won the champions league?

Zero times.

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