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Phillip Neville has played for Manchester United, Everton Football club and i think he was involved in the champions league final when Manchester united beat bayern munich in '99

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2011-09-13 15:59:43
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Q: Who has played in a Manchester derby a Liverpool derby and champions league final?
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Which English football teams have played in the European Cup or Champions League?

alot but mostly LIVERPOOL and Manchester UNTD

Which English clubs have played in the Champions League?

Liverpool , Manchester utd, Arsenal , New Castle , Blackburn, Tottenham

How many English teams have played in the champions league?

Manchester Utd Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United

Played in north London derby Merseyside derby and Manchester derby Champions league final and European championship?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City in the respective derbies, Real Madrid in the Champions League final and in Euro 2000 and 2008.

How many british football teams have played in the champions league?

9 English teams have played in the Champions league. These are Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Newcastle United, Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers,Tottenham and Nottingham Forest.

Who has played most champions league games?

Ryan Giggs, the welsh player who played for Manchester United, has played the most CHampions League games. He has played 141 champions league games.

Which team did Liverpool played last in the champions league?

The Last team Liverpool played in the Champions League was Real Madrid in the 2014/15 season of CL. They were defeated 1-0.

How many times did Liverpool play Man Utd in the UEFA Champions League and who won?

1 times Liverpool played Man Utd in the UEFA Champions League.

What English football clubs have played in the champions league?

The teams to play in the champion leave are Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, New Castle, Ipswitch,.

How many times has Manchester united played in the champions league?


Who is the only Englishman to play in the champions league for 3 different teams?

Michael Owen played for Liverpool, Real and Manchester United. If Beckham plays for Milan, then he will join him!!

Which 3 clubs has Nicolas Anelka played for in the premier league and champions league?

Liverpool chelsea arsenal

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