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honestly, i don't think anyone cares because its cricket, but that's just how i think about it and i know this isn't helping you at all but I'm board

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Q: Who was the first african-american cricket player?
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Who is the first cricket player to get into he Cricket Hall of Fame?

sachin tendulkar

Who was the first cricket player to get a hatrick in test cricket?

sarjah! India

Sachin tendulkar first job?

his first job itself is cricket player

Who is the first cricket player to take hatrick in the first over?

curtley ambrose

What is the first name of cricket player haynes?

Desmond Haynes

Was Frankie Lymon AfricanAmerican?


Who was the first cricket player to get a hatrick?

Jalal-ud-Din (Pakistan)

First Indian cricket player to get 100 runs?

Lala Amarnath

Who was the first Indian cricket player to hit a century?

Lala Amarnath

Who is the first cricket player from Kerala to make a test debut?


Indian cricket player who scored highest centuries in first class cricket?

Who else..?? It's the great Sachin Tendulkar..!

Who is the first player to win maximum wickets in test cricket?

Murlidharan of Sri Lanka he had taken 800 wickets in test cricket