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curtley ambrose

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Q: Who is the first cricket player to take hatrick in the first over?
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First cricket player took hatrick in the first over?

irfan pathan is the player who took hatrick in first over against pakistan.

Who is the first person to take hatrick in the first over in test cricket?

Australian Fred Spofforth dismissed three English batsmen with consecutive deliveries at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia on 2 January 1879 to take the first hat trick in Test cricket in only the third Test match.

Which Indian player bowled the first maiden over in T20 cricket?

R P singh

Who was the first bowler to bowl the maiden over in the history of Test Cricket?

who did the maximum maiden over in test cricket history

In Cricket what do you call six balls bowled by one player?


What is slog over?

over remains in last spell of game(cricket) when player try to run more

Has any player scored six sixes is an over in test cricket?

yuaraj singh

Who was the last player in british top flight football to score a double hatrick?

Geoff Hurst, who scored six in West Ham's 8-0 win over Sunderland in 1968.

Which cricket player 1st hit 6 sixes in one over in an odi?

The first player to hit 6 sixes' in an over with Sir Garfield Sobers in a county match. The first player to hit 6 sixes' in one over in a One Day International was Herschelle Gibbs in the 2007 World Cup for South Africa against The Netherlands

Who has taken hat-trick in first over of test cricket?

Irfan Pathan.

How many New Zealanders are over weight?

only one and that is the cricket player Jesse ryder.

In a cricket match how many balls in an over?

In a cricket match six balls are in an over.

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