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Jalal-ud-Din (Pakistan)

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Q: Who was the first cricket player to get a hatrick?
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Who was the first cricket player to get a hatrick in test cricket?

sarjah! India

First cricket player took hatrick in the first over?

irfan pathan is the player who took hatrick in first over against pakistan.

Who is the first cricket player to take hatrick in the first over?

curtley ambrose

Who is the first player to score a hatrick?

Darryl Sittler was the first Man in the NHL to score a hatrick

Who has taken the worlds first double hat trick in cricket?

lasith malinga took the first double hatrick in cricket i

Which bowler claimed first hatrick in an odi cricket match?

Jalal-ud-Din Pakistan against Australia.

Who was the first person to score a hatrick at wembley?

Patsy O'Hagan a Clonduff and Down Gaa player

Who is the first Indian cricket player?

Cricket is a team sport. There cannot be 'one' first player!

What did Brett Lee achieve for the first time in T20 cricket against Bangladesh on 16th September 2007 in the T20 World Cup?

first bowler who take hatrick in t20

Who was the last player to score a hatrick against Liverpool in the league?

Fernando Torres the last hatrick scorer in the league.

Who is the first person to take hatrick in the first over in test cricket?

Australian Fred Spofforth dismissed three English batsmen with consecutive deliveries at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia on 2 January 1879 to take the first hat trick in Test cricket in only the third Test match.

Who was the first cricket player in India?

as the cricket team consists of 11 players there will be no first player there will be only the first team.

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