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Who else..?? It's the great Sachin Tendulkar..!

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Q: Indian cricket player who scored highest centuries in first class cricket?
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Would you given me an Essay on Indian cricket player in Hindi?

Indian cricket team is the highest of all.

Who has got highest double centuries in test cricket?

Australian Don Bradman has scored more double centuries in Test cricket than any other player, with 12.

Which player has scored highest in test cricket among all the Indian players?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who holds the highest test average in Indian cricket?

The highest Test match average for India for any player with 20 or more innings under his belt is held by Vinod Kambli, whose 21 Test innings produced an average of 54.20 runs per innings, including four centuries and three half-centuries.

What is the highest score of Indian cricket player in one day international cricket?

Virendra Shewag 219 Vs West Indies on 08.12.11 Regards Linesh Chungath 28.12.11

Who is the best wickeeper msdhoni or mccullum?

This question's a matter of opinion, however these are the statistics if you want to compare the pair based on numbers:Mahendra Singh (MS) DhoniTest Cricket: 3242 Runs at an average of 37.69, 4 Centuries, 23 Half Centuries, Highest Score of 148. 176 Catches, 26 Stumpings.ODI Cricket: 6497 Runs at an average of 51.15, 7 Centuries, 43 Half Centuries, Highest Score of 183*. 187 Catches and 61 Stumpings.Twenty20 Cricket: 480 Runs at an average of 25.26, 0 Centuries, 0 Half Centuries, Highest Score of 46. 11 Catches and 4 Stumpings.Brendon McCullumTest Cricket: 3414 Runs at an average of 36.70, 6 Centuries, 19 Half Centuries, Highest Score of 225. 167 Catches and 11 Stumpings.ODI Cricket: 4181 Runs at an average of 29.44, 3 Centuries, 20 Half Centuries, Highest Score of 166. 222 Catches and 14 Stumpings.Twenty20 Cricket: 1245 Runs at an average of 36.61, 1 Century, 8 Half Centuries, Highest Score of 116*. 29 Catches and 5 Stumpings.For a more comprehensive ananysis of the two, see the related links section on their player profiles.

Who is the sachin?

Indian cricket player.

Which cricket Australian player scored the most centuries in 1st class cricket?

Michael clarke

Who is wasim jafer?

An Indian cricket player

Who is number 28 in the Indian cricket team?

There is no player available in Indian Cricket team with the shirt number 28

Which Indian cricket player played cricket for both India and England?


Which player has missed the most amount of centuries in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar.