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Q: When and where was the last netball championship held?
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Which country was the first to win a netball championship?

The Netball World Championship has been held every four years since 1963. In the first championship held in Eastbourne, England in 1963, Australia won the championship with New Zealand finishing second and England finishing third.

Which country that won world under 21 netball championship 2009?

the answer is c.o.williams netball team won the under-21 world netball championship.

What sport is played in the anz championship?


What is the best netball team in Australia?

The current ANZ Netball Championship best team in Australia are the NSW Swifts

Who won the ANZ Championship in 1997?

Hey there!! The Anz Championship is a netball competition between 5 New Zealand netball teams and 5 Australian netball teams. This competition began in 2008. Therofre there was no winner in 1997. hope this helped you out : D

Where was the first championship in gymnastics held?

were was the first championship for gymnastics held

Where is netball playing in 2009?

Australia. I think it's called the ANZ championship...?

What country hosted the 2009 netball under 21 world championship?


How many times has Batista held the intercontinental championship?

He's never held the Intercontinental Championship.

Where is the rugby world championship?

The rugby world championship is held every four years and varies in where it is held each time. The latest championship for rugby union was held in France though.

Where is the netball world cup being held in 2011?


Who won the netball championship 2011?

The Australians won by 2 goals ! They beat New Zealand !