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the answer is c.o.williams Netball team won the under-21 world netball championship.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-29 21:16:33
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Q: Which country that won world under 21 netball championship 2009?
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What country hosted the 2009 netball under 21 world championship?


Which country was the first to win a netball championship?

The Netball World Championship has been held every four years since 1963. In the first championship held in Eastbourne, England in 1963, Australia won the championship with New Zealand finishing second and England finishing third.

Which country in the world are the best at netball?


What is the first country in the world for netball?

New Zealand

What country has won the most netball world cups?


How many times has New Zealand won the World Netball Championship?

New Zealand won the World Championship outright in 1963, 1987, and 2003, and was the joint winner with Australia and Trinidad/Tobago in 1979.

Who won the first netball championships in the world?

Australia won the first-ever Netball World Championship in 1963 over New Zealand.The tournament had 11 teams competing and there have been 11 tournaments since then, as of 2009.

What country hosted the 2011 World Men's Handball Championship?

The 2011 World Men's Handball Championship was hosted by Sweden.

When was the first World Cross Country championship held?


When Pakistan has won world snooker championship?

Pakistan has never won the world snooker championship and neither has any player from that country.

What country won the 2011 World Men's Handball Championship?

France won the 2011 World Men's Handball Championship. This is their fourth title.

Which country won the World Ice Hockey Championship 2012?


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