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Q: What sport is played in the anz championship?
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Which team is leading the ANZ championship?

As of round 6, the Adelaide Thunderbirds were the top of the ANZ ladder

Have the waikato magic ever won a ANZ championship?

No they havent

Where is netball playing in 2009?

Australia. I think it's called the ANZ championship...?

When is the next time the swifts play netball?

Right now, the ANZ championship season is finished

Who won the ANZ Championship in 1997?

Hey there!! The Anz Championship is a netball competition between 5 New Zealand netball teams and 5 Australian netball teams. This competition began in 2008. Therofre there was no winner in 1997. hope this helped you out : D

Why do people like netball instead of any other sport?

Well netball is a sport and they proberly like it for the compotion and exercise. It also it a famous sport for eg the anz netball championship. Most countries play many sports including netball.They also might like it for friendship, exercise, compotion and to have fun.

What sport is played during a World Series?

The World Series is the last round of playoffs to decide the championship for the sport of Baseball.

What is the best netball team in Australia?

The current ANZ Netball Championship best team in Australia are the NSW Swifts

What nationality is maria tutaia?

New Zealand and she plays for the Silver Ferns (New Zealand) and Mystics in the ANZ Championship.

What is the force in a netball?

the force is a team in newzealand representing their towing in the anz championship and previously the national bank cup

Where in Panama is baseball played the most?

The sport is played the most in the province of Herrera. This team is constantly winning the championship.

Where was the 1983 rugby league final played?

ANZ stadium

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