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Q: What is the basketball record of UNI vs KU?
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What is Kansas basketball's head to head record vs Wichita State?

The overall record is 12-2 in favor of KU. The only time they met in the NCAA tournament Wichita State beat KU 66-65 so Kansas is 0-1 in the NCAA Tournament against Wichita State.

What is North Carolina's basketball head to head record vs ucla?

head to head record duke vs carolina

What is the biggest point difference for NCAA basketball team in history?

KU 150 vs Kentucky 58 not positive of score or year

What is record big ten vs sec in basketball all time?

28 - 34

What is Kansas state's all time basketball record vs Ohio state?

Kansas st is 7-19 vs Texas

What is the single game attendance record for college basketball?

syracuse vs nova 2012 34,161

What is the series record between Ohio State vs Wisconsin basketball?

87-76 ohio

What 2 teams played the first basketball game?

the Toronto huskies and the New York knickerbockers

What is duke basketball's head to head record vs Missouri basketball?

Duke 1, Missouri 0 (2001 ncaa tournament won by Duke)

What is the all time record between unc vs Syracuse in basketball?

UNC 4 Syracuse 3

What is UCLA basketball's head to head record vs USC basketball?

UCLA leads 124-99 all-time, going into the 2007-08 season.

What is Kansas basketball's head to head record vs Memphis Tigers?

Kansas leads the series, 5-2.