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Q: What is record big ten vs sec in basketball all time?
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What is the all-time big 10 vs sec football record?

The all-time record between the Big 10 and SEC football is 94-87-7 in favor of the Big 10.

Why is a basketball big?

A basketball is big because in the NBA, pros have big hands, and also because when you play basketball, your body gets a lot bigger. They were made after my ballz

Is Wilt Chamberlain best of all time?

yes, in the case of game winners to game performers wilt the Big Dipper is considered in many list of the #1 basketball player of all time. he holds numerous records for rebounds, points averaged in a game and the all time record for points scored in single game of 100 points for the Philly warriors in 1962. he also forced the NBA to change many rules for the game including his insane ability to block shots that lead to the birth of a modern day common rule in all of basketball, the shot clock. he had was the best and will be the best of all time, if you can find an argument against my case please let me know at thank you

Who is the best Syracuse Basketball player of all time?

Lawrence Moten (class of '95) scored 2334 points in 121 games for a 19.3 avg. Dave Bing (class of '66) averaged 24.8 ppg in 76 games. Dave was a team mate of Jim Boeheim back in the mid-60's along with my main man from Boys High in Brooklyn, Vaughn Harper.

What is record for most teams from one conference in the men's college basketball final four?

The 1985 Big East with three of the 4 finalists. Georgetown, St. John's, Villanova, and Memphis. Memphis ended up not even being credited as they had issues that made the NCAA vacate their appearence. Villanova won it all and still remains the lowest seed (#8) to win it all.

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Who are the all time leading assist leaders in the big east basketball?

Bob Hurley, Duke. 1076 assists (all-time NCAA division one record).

What is the all-time big 10 vs sec football record?

The all-time record between the Big 10 and SEC football is 94-87-7 in favor of the Big 10.

Who has the Best big east basketball team road record?


Who is the Big Ten mens basketball all-time leading scorer?

Calbert Cheaney

Who is the big east mens basketball all time scoring leader?

Troy bell

Who is the all-time leading scorer in Big East women's college basketball?

Maya Moore

Where does Big Time Rush record their songs?

Big Time Rush record their songs on their tour bus (if they are on tour) or they usually record in a studio

Who holds the Big Ten men's basketball record for most total rebounds in a single game?

Mike Gminski (1977-1980) is Duke's all-time leading rebounder with 1,242 in his career.

Who is the all time three point leader in the big 12 conference in basketball?

A.J. Abrahms from the University of Texas

Who holds the record for most points scored in a big east basketball tournament?

Kemba Walker from UCONN.

Did University of Kansas basketball ever go undefeated in the Big 12?

Yes, one time in 2002. The Jayhawks completed a 16-0 record in Big 12 Conference play. This is the only undefeated run in Conference history.

Who holds the record for most free throws made in a row in men's Big 10 basketball?

rick barry