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syracuse vs nova 2012 34,161

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Q: What is the single game attendance record for college basketball?
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What is the single season scoring record for college basketball?

Pete Maravich

What player holds the single season college basketball scoring record?

Pete Maravich

What is the college basketball single game rebound record?

37 by Elvin Hayes - 1968

NCAA basketball single game scoring record by a team?

258. Courtesy of the college of Troy.

What is the record attendance for a single world cup soccer match?

1 is the record and that was me !!

What was the record for the largest single regular game attendance for the San Antonio Spurs?


What college football team holds the all time attendance record for a single game?

"I don't know if it is the highest in the country but the Texas stadium had 101,297 against Texas tech this year, that was the most people to attend a sporting event in Texas." This isn't even close to the single game record. Michigan Stadium, home of the University of Michigan Wolverines, holds the record for single-game attendance at a college stadium for a college game at 114,804 in the first night game ever played at "The Big House" (Michigan Stadium) against Notre Dame on September 10, 2011. Also, Notre Dame set a single-game attendance record of 120,000+ in the 1920's at Soldier Field in Chicago, however, the number is unverified and therefore not held as "official".

What is the single game scoring record in college basketball by a team?

258 points by Troy University in a 258 − 141 win over Devry in 1992.

What is the record for most points scored by a single team in a game?

College Basketball 258 scored by Troy University

Who holds the single season block record in NCAA basketball?

Wojciech Mydra holds the single season record for blocks in NCAA history

Who holds UNC basketball single-game scoring record?

Bob Lewis

What basketball player has the record for scoring the most points in a single season?

wilt chamberlin

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