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Duke 1, Missouri 0 (2001 ncaa tournament won by Duke)

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Q: What is duke basketball's head to head record vs Missouri basketball?
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What is duke basketballs home record?

like a million wins and 50 losses

Which team has won the most acc mens basketball titles?

duke has 27 acc mens basketballs championships while UNC has 18

Which NCAA Basketball team has the best record?

girls- UCONN boys- Duke

Which school holds the record for 30 win season mens basketball?


What is the University of Kentucky's men basketball teams record vs Duke?

The Kentucky Wildcats are 11-8 all-time against the Duke Blue Devils in men's basketball.

What is North Carolina's basketball head to head record vs ucla?

head to head record duke vs carolina

What are the statistics for Duke basketball?

In their current season the Duke Blue Devils are 25-4 with a record of 15-0 at home. They are second in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Duke's women's team is 29-2 with a home record of 14-0.

Who holds the Atlantic coast conference men's basketball career points record?

J.J. Redick of Duke.

Who is better in basketball North Carolina or Duke?

In 2017, North Carolina has a better record than Duke. North Carolina is 14 - 4. Duke is 11 - 7.

What is the all-time win-loss record of the North Carolina Men's Basketball team?

North Carolina 128-97 against Duke in Men's Basketball.

Where can one find the Duke basketball report?

One can find the Duke basket ball report on the official Duke basketball report website. The Duke basketball report covers the Duke University athletics.

Did Quinn Snyder ever coach Vanderbilt's basketball team?

No, he's only coached at Missouri. He played for Duke and was an assistant for the Blue Devils before taking over as head coach for Missouri.