What if the ball hits the foul pole?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The ball is fair

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If this takes place BEFORE either first or third base, the ball is FOUL

If the ball makes first contact with the ground PAST first or third on the chalk line and rolls foul, the ball is FAIR.

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Q: What if the ball hits the foul pole?
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If a ball bounces in foul territory and then hits the foul pole above the fence?

Foul ball

If a ball hits the foul pole or the netting inside on a bounce but stays in play is it all you can get or a ground rule double?

no its a dead ball for hitting the foul pole, ground rule double

Is the pole in the outfield called the foul pole or fair post in baseball?

The foul Pole is to aide the umpire in determining if a baseball hit is fair or foul. The Foul pole is in fair territory, so if the ball hits the pole it is a fair ball, and would count as a home run. If it misses the pole outside of the playing field it is a foul ball (out of play) This is why it is called a 'Foul Pole" It could have been called a Fair Pole as it is in fair territory, but the powers that be decided on "Foul Pole" and "Foul Line"

Is a home run ball that lands foul a home run?

Yes, it is a home run if the baseball hits the foul pole.

What do you call a foul ball that your friend hits?

No matter who hits it, it's a foul ball.

What happens when a fly ball hits the Foul pole?

It is a foul ball and runners return to the base they occupied at the time of the pitch. If the batter has less than two strikes, it is a strike. If the batter has two strikes, it remains two strikes, unless the batter was bunting, in which case the batter is out.

Explain fair is foul and foul is fair?

The "foul pole," those tall yellow poles on the outfield walls that mark the foul lines vertically, are actually in fair territory. So if a long fly ball strikes a foul pole, it's a fair ball (and a home run!)

Any batted ball that bounces on the foul line or lands and stops on the foul line is a foul ball True or False?

If a ball hits the foul line, it is a fair ball.

Is it foul if the ball hits the plate?

Yes its a foul ball but keep on running to the next base until the umpire calls it a foul ball!!!!

If a slowpitched softball hits the ground is it a dead ball?

after the batter hits the ball and it's a fair ball it's not a dead ball. if the ball lands in foul territory, it's a foul ball.

If a batter hits a ball and it goes over the third base bag but lands foul is this a fair or foul ball?

A ground ball its fair. A fly ball is foul.

What the foul rule in volleyball?

when a foul is committed in volleyball that team/side losses that point and gives the other side the serve.