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Q: Is Ozzy Smith the best shortstop in MLB history?
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Who is the Best runningback in NFL History?

Emmitt Smith

Is Alex Rodriguez the best shortstop ever?

no he is not derek jeter is alex doesnt even play shortstop

Who is the best shortstop ever?

derek jeter

Who is the best shortstop in New York?

Derek Jeter

Where can you find an Ozzy violin book?

Your best bet, is to get ahold of a program called guitar pro, download Ozzy midis and just transcribe them for violin or mandolin, it will be in tabs but its the best shot you have at learning Ozzy on violin

Who was the best guitar player to play for Ozzy Osbourne?

Randy Rhodes was the absolute best guitar player Ozzy ever had without a doubt.... Nuff said...

Who was the best shortstop ever to play baseball?

The best shortstop ever to play the game MICHAEL CURRAN.Remember that name. he plays at the age of 11 and he is better than some high school players!

Who has the most home runs by a shortstop?

As of July 27, 2007: Luis Aparicio, Hall of Famer whose career spanned 1956-1973 with the Orioles, White Sox, and Red Sox, played in 2583 games at shortstop to hold the record. Omar Vizquel (1989-present) of the Giants is second with 2517 and Ozzie Smith (1978-1996), who played with the Padres and Cardinals, is third with 2511. Should Vizquel stay healthy he should overtake Aparicio early next season.

Who is the best shortstop in the MLB?

Derek Jeter is the best shortstop. He has 4 Gold Gloves too. He even has his own play. People refer to it as the Jeter play. He is known all around to MLB fans. He is the best.

Who is the ex cubs shortstop with the best throwing arm?

shawon dunston

Who has the best baseball fielding percentage lifetime for a shortstop?

Luis Aparicio

Is Steve smith of the Carolina Panthers the best wide reciver in football history?

yes he is. definitely