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Emmitt Smith

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Q: Who is the Best runningback in NFL History?
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Who is the best NFL runningback ever?

Walter Payton

Who is the best NFL runningback in the world?

Emmitt Smith

Who is Chris Johnson?

Chris Johnson is the starting runningback for the Tennessee titans. He is the fourth best running back in NFL history.

Who is the best runningback in the NFL?

Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson

Who is the best NFL runningback?

Kindly refer to the link attached below.

What is the average size of a NFL runningback?

5'11'' is the average size.

Who is the fastest nfl runningback?

That's an opinion. But mine is Mike Vick.

What NFL team is Oregon runningback Lamichel James on?

He is still in college

Who has the most yards of alltime runningback in the nfl?

Emmitt Smith with 18,355

Best runningback ever?

Walter Payton.

Who is the number one elusive runningback in the NFL?

I would definetly say that there isn't very many good running backs. But the best receiver is Anquan Bolding, #81, from the Baltimore Ravens is the best.

What is the best NFL football team in the history of man kind?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the BEST NFL team in the history of man kind!