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no he is not Derek Jeter is alex doesnt even play shortstop

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Q: Is Alex Rodriguez the best shortstop ever?
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Has Alex Rodriguez ever played short stop for the New York Yankees?

Yes. During the 2004 and 2005 seasons, Alex Rodriguez moved from third base to the shortstop position late in games on five different occasions. He never started at shortstop for the Yankees.

Was Alex Rodriguez ever the player of the year?

Alex Rodriguez was The Major League Player of the Year in 1996, 2002, and 2007.

Who has the highest paid sports contract ever?

Alex Rodriguez

Who is the best shortstop ever?

derek jeter

Who was the best shortstop ever to play baseball?

The best shortstop ever to play the game MICHAEL CURRAN.Remember that name. he plays at the age of 11 and he is better than some high school players!

What is a family sport in Puerto Rico?

it is baseball. ever heard of Alex " a-rod" Rodriguez?

Did Alex Rodriguez ever live in Washington Heights in Manhattan?

No,He lived in the Bronx,Ny

Will Barry Bonds record ever be achieved by another athlete?

yes alex rodriguez will do it no dout about it

Is cal ripkin jr the best shortstop ever?

Nope - Honus Wagner.

Who gets paid the most in Major League Baseball?

In my opinion, it is Alex Rodriguez..Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, signed the biggest MLB contract ever for $275,000,000 (275 million!!) in 2007 for 2008-17.

Has alex rodrigues ever played in a World Series?

Alex Rodriguez made his first and only World Series appearance in 2009 with the New York Yankees.

What is a name of a athlete?

Are you a retard? I mean really have you ever herd of sports? Derek Jeter- shortstop of the Yankees Alex Rodriguez- third baseman of the Yankees (if i spelt his name wrong sorry) C.C. Sabathia- Pitcher for the Yankees Albert Pujols- First Basemen for the angels And players on the mets and red sox are awful and not athletes and soccer is the WORST sport ever made