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That would depends on where they field the ball. Howeverthe distance from the 3rd base bag and the 1st base bag is just under 85 feet.

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Q: How far does a third baseman need to throw to first in 14U softball?
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Can you get a rbi when batter is safe by a fielding error?

if the out would be the third no, it is up to the descrestion of the scorekeeper for example, if there was a runner on third with one out and you bunted the and the third baseman overthrew first, then it would be an rbi, but if the second baseman missed the throw to the first baseman with two outs, then there would be no rbi

When you are a first baseman and warming up which positions do you throw ground balls to and what order?

Second, short, third. Repeat.

Who has a longer throw the third baseman or shortstop?

Even if third base is playing up third base is still a longer throw.

What are some of the playing positions in softball?

There are nine: a pitcher, standing in the middle of the infield, a catcher straight across from her behind home plate to receive the pitcher's throw, and two players in between first, second and third bases. there are three players in the outfield, spread out evenly.

How hard should a 1st baseman throw?

Average. The first baseman doesn't do a lot of throwing just catching. For example if u played third base u have to through hard and fast. But even playing first it is good to have a good hard throw but as long as it isn't super slow!

In softball if there are no runners on the base why would the coach tell you to hit to the third base area?

Because it is a longer throw from third to first and the first basemen is more likely to miss the ball

Who is the Mlb Catcher who can't throw to first?

a first baseman because he is there already.

What are all the positions in softball?

The same as in baseball or softball there is a pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, left fielder (from the hitter's point of view), center fielder and right fielder. You can also have more than three people in the outfield if you have too many people. Kickball is really fun!

Where should the third baseman stand with a runner at third stand to catch a pickoff throw from the catcher?

A few feet behind the runner when they lead off. The shortstop could loop around instead of the third baseman if you want it to be a surprise.

The throw from third to first base is?

Not completely sure of the question, but I'll go under the assumption the question being asked is: What is the official scoring when a ground ball is fielder by the 3rd baseman, and he then throws it to the 1st baseman for an out? The answer is: 5-3

Why is tougher to field a ball at third base then at first base?

When hit by right hand-ers (the majority of batters) it means the ball was pulled that direction and is going much faster. So the 3rd baseman must have fast reflexes. Also the 3rd baseman then has to make the throw to 1st base. This is a far throw and the 3rd baseman must have a strong accurate arm.

How can a base runner advance on a caught fly ball with less than 2 outs?

Generally, no. Absolutely not. If the baserunner break home on contact, he would be hosed at the plate by the third baseman. If he freezes, and waits for the third baseman to commit to throwing to first, the first baseman would have plenty of time to throw home and nail the runner.