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um equestrian or Golf maybe??

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Q: Which sport does not generally require upper body strength?
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Does snow boarding require upper body strength?

Yes but it also require lower body strength

Why is volleyball the greatest sport ever invented?

Because it is a sport that teaches logic, and builds upper body strength, and you dont have to run.

Why is volleyball a good sport?

volleyball is a good sport because you use you upper body as well as your lower body

What sport use muscular strength?

Discuss or javelin probably use the most upper body.

Is discus throwing an effective upper body excercise?

Throwing the discus isn't really an exercise. It's an activity. It does require a large amount of upper body strength. You can learn to build upper body strength by visiting

What strengths do you need in softball?

Softball is a power sport. It is important to build core strength, leg power and strengthen your upper body. You need strength to bat, throw and run

What sport is harder tennis or outrigger paddling?

Downhill ski racing, you use alot of leg muscle and upper body strength.

Is a neanderthal stronger than a human?

Neanderthals were likely physically stronger than modern humans due to their robust build and muscle mass, suited for the demanding environment they lived in. However, the exact extent of their strength compared to humans is not definitively known.

Me and my friends practice this sport called parkour it has to do with acrobatics and flips ect i was wondering if anyone elce who knows about this could provide any hints or good ways to train?

Yes It takes massive upper body strength and leg strength to parkour

How do you gain upper arm strength?

its used 25% upper strenght

Does basketball uses upper strength and lower strength?

YES!!!!! You use your a lot of your leg muscles. You have to have good balance. Lots of upper strength for boxing out for shooting and many more things.

What does benching do for you?

Builds strength in your upper body.