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Nah ur fat mate

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Q: Can a person leave college ball go to pro sports and than return to college sports?
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Who was the first person to leave college early for pros?

michael jordan

How do you write a vacation leave letter?

A vacation leave letter should state when the leave will start. It should also contain the date that the person will return to work or school.

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No. Meaning yes, they can leave you. For reasons of one person or another. "If you love something, let it go. If they love you, they will return."

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When a person is given leave without pay, it means that this person is removed from his or her job but not fired, in the sense that the leave may end and the person may return (usually pending the result of some kind of investigation or legal process) but while he or she is away from work, he or she is not paid.

To be thrown out of church?

If a person misbehaves or teaches false doctrine not in accord with the churches doctine, they may be asked to leave and not return. There certainly must be a valid reason for them to be asked to leave.

What is the definition of extended childhood?

When a person moves back in with their parents after college or waits a long time to leave the home.

Do you have to return your army cadet uniform after you leave?

Yes you do have to return your uniform when you leave the ACF, as your payment when you started was simply for the 'hire' of the uniform. If you do not return your kit when you leave you will receive a letter from the MOD and possibly a £300 fine.

Can police tell a person to leave a town and not return?

As a piece of gratuitous advice an officer might say that, but it bears no legal weight.

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General Douglas McArthur vowed to return to the Philippines when forced to leave by the Japanese.

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Return with a chair

Interviewers who don't return your call?

If an interviewer does not return phone calls, then a person should leave a message. However, if after a couple of days the call is not returned, it may be better to look for another job.

Is colleges are leave tomorrow in villupuram?

tomorrow college or leave

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The rate of return is high, considering how few women in the situation manage to leave.

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in order to leave or return the US you must have a passport.

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there, I am studying health at college, and I found out the other day that fast leaves the body by your stool (Poo).

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in 1271

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So they can return to the water

What percent of college football players leave college early?


How can a person over 18 who is not a dependent of their parents become legally emancipated in New York so that financial aid no longer looks to the parents' income?

Not unless that person is, and has been, self supporting. They are your parents. Do you look to them for support? If not, get a job, work for a few years and return to college after you are 21. Financial Aid will leave your parents alone then.

Where do you go after you leave the school?

College and university

Should college football players leave college early to go to the nfl?


Why did Tutok leave and did not Return?

because tutok was part of a different tribe and could not return until the rest had...

Why should sports stars not leave nz to play in other countries for more money?

there is no reason for them not to leave

After the war women were expected to?

Leave their jobs and return home.

What sense is the first to leave and return when undergoing anesthesia?