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Football, cricket, tennis, marathon race and swimming requires high stamina.

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Q: What are some sports that require stamina?
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What sports require stamina?

You need stamina to compete in most sports, but in some you just need few explosions of speed

How does sport help us get energy?

Sports require exercise, and exercising increases stamina and agility. Stamina and agility is a form of energy, because the higher they are, the more energy you have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It does not. Sports help you get fit but doing sports uses energy, it does not "get" it.

What sports use the fitness component stamina and or aerobic capacity?

Swimming uses stamina.

Which sport require maximum stamina?


Jobs that require physical stamina?

jobs that require good physical stamina are police officers,life guards,and bounty hunters!!!!!!!!!! ;v)

What sports need stamina?

I think that swimming, cycling and Wheelchair basketball need a lot of stamina.

Jobs that require good Physical stamina?

jobs that require good physical stamina are police officers,life guards,and bounty hunters!!!!!!!!!! ;v)

What jobs require good physical stamina?

Some jobs that involve good physical stamina include basketball, football, arena football, hockey, soccer, rugby, and wrestling.

What sports requires stamina and aerobic capacity?

Soccer and basketball.

Why is stamina important in sports?

Stamina is important in sports because most games are won in the late moments of the competition. Most teams come out explosive and full of energy, the key to stamina is to keep that same energy at the end of the game that you started with.

What sports require skill?

Almost all sports require some sort of skill some require more than others but soccer is probably the most skill requiring sport out there. Other sports require quite a bit of luck like baseball and others require lots of strength like football and rugby.

What sports do you need strength for?

Olympic Weight Lifting and Rock climbing are some great sports that require strength. But they also require determination. !

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