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It increases your strength, stamina, and recovery.

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Q: What are the advantages of using drugs in sports?
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Advantages and disadvantages of using drugs?

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Is using drugs in sports cheating?

Yes, if you use performance enhancing drugs, it is considered cheating.

Advantages of using drugs in sport?

It can enhance your performance and increase strength.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using drugs to treat psychological disorder?

Relapse is likely when drugs use is terminated.

Advantage of using drugs in sports?

Drugs such as steroids help build muscle and help recover more quickly.

How do you prevent taking drugs?

You can try to involve yourself in sports or exercise more to keep your mind distracted from using drugs.

What are the advantages of drugs in sports?

The advantages of drugs in sports is that your performance gets boosted up as well as muscle growth but most drugs (steroids, etc.) are forbidden from most schools and sports and are only given if prescribed by your doctor, but if you feel as though you need better performance muscle growth I highly recommend taking protein shakes as well as energy shakes that can be bought at any drugstore or online.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of using drug to treat psychological disorder?

Relapse is likely when drugs use is terminated.

Which drugs are most popular in sports?

One of the most popular drugs in Sports are steroids

What are the sport advantages?

advantages of a sport carwhat is advantages of sports?

Who is a famous sports person who has been found using Narcotic Analgesics?

Alex Rodriguez was found using performance enhancing drugs in 2007.

How many people use drugs in sports?

The exact number is unknown however many sports are now testing for illegal substances reducing the number of "using" athletes.

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