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Ok here is the answer to your GOOD question: Team sports offer children several benefits, both physical and psychological, that will stay with them as they reach adulthood. The physical benefits include weight loss and/or maintaining a healthy weight, increased muscle tone and fitness, and the instillation of habits that will help keep the body healthy for years to come. The numerous psychological benefits of team sports include:

• Establishing confidence and promoting strong self-esteem

• Learning cooperation and leadership

• Using problem-solving skills

• Developing tolerance and acceptance for diversity

• Appreciating fair play

• Gaining a healthy sense of competition, which motivates children to do their best

• Most importantly, making new friends and having fun while exercising.

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There are so many good things about being on a team,. You get exposure, you interact with different personalities, you will be able to develop your strengths by participating in the team and so much more.

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Well, there really are no disadvantages, except that no one will be a true star. But when a squad works as a team, you may see the results first defensively, people are rotating, playing help, calling out open men. It's beautiful. On offensive there will be less quick shots. There will be more open, and easy shots, and even layups. Instead of on person that is out there just trying to score 40.

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Q: What are some good things of team sports?
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