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the important thing about middle school sports is that it teaches team work and sportsmanship.

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Q: What are some important things about middle school sport?
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Why should baseball be a sport in middle school?

it should be a school sport because the kids that like baseball can play for the school

Does sport very important in school?

i think not

What is an example of a statistical question?

What is the favorite sport at _____ middle school.

What is the average middle school sport season?

About 2.5 months.

Is middle school marching band a sport?

Hell no!!If that was a sport all the nerds would be popular

Where can you watch middle school basketball games?

at st thomas middle school go there if you want bad sport games

Can a man wear a sport bra to middle school?

Yes, yes they can.

What is the most popular sport middle school students play?

I am not sure

Why there should be sport in school?

There should be sport in school because of the physical exercise is important to keep brain and body fit.

When trying out for a team and they ask you to tell them two things about yourself what are the best things to write?

It depends on what kind of team, and what level of playing (High School, Collage, Middle School) 1. Saying where else you have played. (Other teams for the same sport, and expesically travel teams that explains you are amaxing at that sport.) 2. Something about how you are a good sport and you like to encourage your teammates.

Why is sports important you school?

You can get scholarships for doing a awesome job In a sport in high school.

What is the poupular sport at school?

It depends on age group. Soccer for Elementary. Football 4 Middle and high school

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