Why is it good to have sports you school?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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So you can have fun, get some exercise, and build teamwork (on team sports).

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Q: Why is it good to have sports you school?
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How is sports good for school?

so children can be active

Why shouldn't students have good grades to play sports?

School Before SportsWell... The more you focus on sports... The less you focus on school work. And if you aren't paying attention at school then your grades will drop. So in order to play sports I think you should have good grades and keep them good so you can continue to play sports.....

Is bramcote hills sports and community college a good school?


What do you call a person that is good at sports but terrible in school?

a jock?

Why do schools pick symbols. for. their. sports. teams?

schools have sports logos because their sports teams are representing their school. Sports logos are mainly the same logo as the school logo. It is mainly to look good!

What is Sargent Park school?

The school with a lot of banner's and good at sports. also a school that is a very good school for children because of there teaching skills. I am going there!!!!!!!!

Is nortre dame a good school?

Yes Nortre Dame is a great school for students and for sports to.

Why is playing sports in school good?

You keep fit and if your good you might get a collage scholarship to a good university.

What are the elements of management for the school sports competition?

sapsasa is a good competition.

What is a good high school sports team theme?

trojans or Greeks

Is Westbrook Hay Prep School a good school?

Yes!! My sister went there. It's a great school, if your into sports you will love this school

Which colleges major in VERY good animal science and sports program?

LSU, good school