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Games can be things like team or invasion games. Sports is, well sports!

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Q: What is the different between sports and games?
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Defference between sports and games?

sports are organized games

How many different sports are there in the Olympic Games?

26 different sports

How many different sports are there at the Delhi commonwealth games and what are they?

there are 17 different sports

What is different between normal sports and strange sports?

normal sports have many different people that play it

Difference between games and sports?

All sports could be considered games but not all games are sports. Generally, sports have some sort of athletic and physical element.

What is the differences between sports and games?

sports is where you get physical activity games is where you don't get enough physical activity

How many sports were at the 2000 sydney Olympic games?

There was 49933827 different sports in the Sydney Olympic games in 2000.

What is the difference between games and sport?

In sports there are rules in games you can shag

How many different sports will feature in the games?


What are the different kinds of internet games?


What is the difference between sports and games?

Let's define what a sport is. A sport requires 3 things 1) it must be competitive, 2) You must have an "objective" way to score and 3) You must be able to hinder (impact) your opponent's ability to score!The difference between sports and games is that sports are active and games are just there.Sports you only pay attenetion to the sport that you are doing. In games you are paying attention to many different things.That question does not really make sense.Try saying something like:"What is the difference between sports Games and .........

How many different sports are in the game Wii Sports by Nintendo?

There are five different sports in the game Wii Sports. Those sports are tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. This game was followed by the sequel Wii Sports Resort, which has twelve different sports games.

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