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Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, volleyball and beach volleyball.

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Q: What are all the sports where you serve a ball?
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What are those sports lingos?

Volleyball: "Break it!" (short for 'break the serve.' Which is to score a point against the opposing team so they will not serve over and over again. ) "Side Out!" (means to get the ball back, so your team can serve.)

What are the sports lingo in volley ball?

Some terms include:Let: When the ball hits the net and lands in the service box on a serveHolding up one finger: the ball was outWide/Long: Just as it sounds (out wide, out long, etc)Winner: Any shot in play that is not returned by the opponent (excluding serve)Ace: A serve that is not returned by the opponentDrop shot: A shot that lands right in front of the net on the opponent's side (on purpose)Slice: A ball that is hit with side spin or back spinKick: Generally referring to serves, "kicking" is when the ball jumps, or kicks, up in the airTweener: A shot hit between the legsLob: A ball hit very high

What are sports Pakistan plays?

Almost all sports are played in Pakistan. Cricket is one the top. Hockey Foot BAll Volly Ball Badminton Basket Ball Tennis Table Tennis

Name all the sports played in the EU?

Base ball,Football,and soccer

What is self sacrifice in sports?

Diving for the ball or going for it against all odds.

What is needed to open a sports store?

First you no to check how many sports want to cover. List down all the sports. Then make a separate list of what all items/instruments required for each sport. For example: Cricket: Stumps, Bat, ball etc Hockey: Hockey stick, ball. Tennis: Bat, net, ball etc.

What does the term side out mean in volleyball?

It means you want the ball back from the team that is serving at you. IN other words, you want the ball back so your team can serve.

What is a serve in which the server tosses the ball makes an approach jumps and spikes the ball?

This is called a jump serve.

What sport uses the ball as defense?

You can use the ball as defense in the sport of dodgeball.

What is the second heaviest ball in sports after the bowling ball?

A Rugby Ball.

Do people play sports in the Hudson Bay lowlands?

Yes people play soccer foot ball and all kinds of sports in this region.

What are two things players are not allowed to do on a serve?

You are not allowed to throw the ball, kick the ball or head the ball over the serve. You also only have 8 seconds to serve, if you take longer than that, you will be given a delay penalty and the opposition will be given the serve.