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Some terms include:

  • Let: When the ball hits the net and lands in the service box on a serve
  • Holding up one finger: the ball was out
  • Wide/Long: Just as it sounds (out wide, out long, etc)
  • Winner: Any shot in play that is not returned by the opponent (excluding serve)
  • Ace: A serve that is not returned by the opponent
  • Drop shot: A shot that lands right in front of the net on the opponent's side (on purpose)
  • Slice: A ball that is hit with side spin or back spin
  • Kick: Generally referring to serves, "kicking" is when the ball jumps, or kicks, up in the air
  • Tweener: A shot hit between the legs
  • Lob: A ball hit very high
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The sports lingo uses in Badminton are smash, rally expedite, high clear,dropshot, fault, etc.

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spike, set, serve, volley, bump shot, overhead serve, underhand serve, set shot

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Q: What are the sports lingo in volley ball?
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